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From large agencies to nonprofits
I love long-term contracts. They allow me to integrate with talented teams, meet new people, and collaborate to create amazing digital experiences. I'm flexible, friendly, and love a good challenge.
Lead Instructor


Snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper.

Leading twenty-six very bright students through a nine week intensive web development program, transforming them into battle-ready junior developers in the process.

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Agency Contract


Make cool shit- and don't fuck it up.

Jam3 is one of the world's top digital and production design agencies. They specialize in creating highly advanced, experiential works in both the advertising and entertainment industry.

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A Digital Pilgrimage

3 Months, 8 Countries

Travelling through South East Asia as a Digital Nomad

In 2016, I took a three month sabbatical to deepen my skills as a Front End Developer. So why not do it while exploring the world?

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