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July to September 2016

Fun facts

80% of students employed within 9 weeks of graduation

Teach what you love

After graduating from Toronto based web development bootcamp in 2014, I returned two years later as a lead instructor to guide 28 students through 9 weeks of rigorous training in front end skills.

When HackerYou CEO Heather Payne invited me to come back to serve as a lead instructor for the summer bootcamp, I was thrilled and honoured. Personal bias aside (HackerYou is my alma mater), I think it's one of the best slingshots into the professional development world in the country.

Over the course of nine weeks, I led a company of twenty six students (who dubbed themselves "The Ghostspace Killas") from the very basics of HTML and CSS to the complex process of building games, web applications, and WordPress themes. With the help of instructors Ryan Christiani and Sylvia Nguyen, we taught:

  • HTML, CSS, and best practices/design patterns
  • Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, and an introduction to React
  • AJAX, asynchronous, and functional programming concepts
  • PHP and WordPress
  • Build tools including Gulp and preprocessors such as Sass
  • Soft skills for front end developers including interview technique and public speaking