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About BeerCraft

WELCOME to the Hops & Grain Craft Brewery, BeerCraft Inc., where we love to make beer and we love the beer we make. We’re living one day at a time, living with a passion for our craft and a passion for sustainability, living the dream.

In the days of old, travelling merchants criss-crossed the globe, journeying to exotic lands in search of the finest treasures. Following in this bold tradition are the Flavour Merchants of the Hawthorn Brewing Co. From their base in Hawthorn, these intrepid explorers scour the beer world, risking life and limb to bring home the secrets of its best brewers. It is only by trialling and refining these techniques that we are able to create award winning beers of distinction including our Premium Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Pilsner, Witbier, IPA and Golden Ale.

Yes.. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Like the majority of brewers today, my brewing journey began humbly, with five- gallon batches of beer brewed on a kitchen stovetop. However, unlike the majority of brewers, I wasn’t looking for an escape from a boring job—I was looking for an escape, at least momentarily, from doing my high school homework. It began as a simple twist of fate in the winter of 1995, my senior year at John Jay High School, when I went to visit a friend.

Looking back, I cannot imagine another way of life, but it was a fluke that inspired my brewing career. On that Saturday afternoon, my friend’s father just happened to be brewing a batch of home brew with his long-time brew partner. I was absolutely blown away by the idea that beer, the stuff that was the objective of many a covert mission to the local convenience store, could be brewed at home. Was it possible to dream up a flavor and then transform a few simple ingredients on the stovetop into a drinkable version of that dream? I had to find out.

With the blessing of my parents and the guidance of Kenny Dorsch, my friend’s father, I have been able to make that dream a reality. In November 1995, I brewed my first batch of beer—Cranberry Celebration Ale—and waited patiently as it fermented into liquid gold. Four weeks later, I opened my first bottle, and from that day on, I realized I was born to brew!