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Hi! I'm Simon Bloom, a web-developer, instructor, and speaker.

I'm passionate about creating rigorous, beautiful websites with classic and simple designs. I love inspiring students as a lead instructor at Toronto based web bootcamp HackerYou. I'm available for public/private workshops and speaking opportunities. Nice to meet you!

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  • JS Frameworks
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • WordPress
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  • Teaching
  • Web Development
  • Public Speaking
  • (fantasy) Sports
I work as a lead instructor and developer at the Toronto based bootcamp HackerYou. Here I get to teach students about how awesome and exciting a career in web development can be - I offer guidance on everything from learning to code to interview skills.
When I'm not at HackerYou, you'll most likely find me travelling, working on a conference talk, preparing to teach at a workshop, or tinkering with my fantasy lineup.

Feel free to e-mail me at

I'm currently considering speaking and workshop opportunities for 2017.

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